Academic and Professional Behavior Policies
(approved by the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges, November 2001 and updated January 2010)

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The Oklahoma College of Optometry, as a professional degree program, has the mission to educate practitioners responsible for the health and welfare of the public. We have the obligation to graduate only those students who demonstrate clinical competence and professional integrity. Students in our program must, therefore, meet rigorous clinical and professional standards in addition to our academic standards. You are subject to expulsion from the college and university if you fail to meet professional standards. You have the responsibility of reporting alleged academic dishonesty or unprofessional behavior exhibited by another student to either the appropriate faculty member or to the associate dean.

Jurisdiction over all issues in the Oklahoma College of Optometry rests within the college. Students in the Oklahoma College of Optometry who are accused of unprofessional or unethical behavior may also be subject to other sanctions as a result of processes and procedures covered by rules of the university, state, or federal agencies. Sanctions imposed by those agencies in no way reduce or diminish sanctions imposed by us.

Disciplinary action within the college may commence while a civil or criminal proceeding is pending. College disciplinary proceedings are not subject to challenge on the grounds that civil or criminal proceedings involving the same incident have been dismissed. If you are involved in offenses outside the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma College of Optometry, the dean may appoint a faculty member to appear at any campus hearing before which the student is required to appear. The faculty member's role will be observational and to advise the college.

Unprofessional conduct is defined as any action to or against a fellow student, faculty, staff, or patient that is generally deemed professionally inappropriate or which is not in keeping with the expectations as delineated for the students in the NSU Student Handbook and NSU Catalog, the Clinic Manual of the Oklahoma College of Optometry, and the NSU Oklahoma College of Optometry Catalog. It is not possible to quantify all forms of misconduct that can arise in a health professional education environment. The following include, but are not limited to, examples of unprofessional conduct:
  • Illegal acts or actions
  • Unethical acts or actions
  • Immoral acts or actions
  • Failure to follow the code of ethics of the American Optometric Association
  • Using notes to aid in answering questions during an exam
  • Giving or receiving aid during an exam
  • Falsifying results in laboratory work
  • Seeking or giving information about exam questions on an exam already administered to any members of the class
  • Falsifying clinic data or records
  • Plagiarism, falsifying documents, or obtaining any grade or certification by misrepresentation
  • Lying
  • Excessive un-excused absences
  • Excessive un-excused tardiness
  • Sexual harassment
  • Disrespectful behavior
  • Improper demeanor or attire
  • Inappropriate hygiene standards
  • Failure in a clinical setting to identify self as a student clinician
  • Disregard for patient welfare
  • Failure to follow clinic guidelines as specified in the Clinic Manual
  • Unauthorized entrance to clinic or other restricted areas
  • Any conduct which a reasonable person in the same or similar circumstances would recognize as dishonest or improper in an academic or patient care setting

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