Optometry Student Organizations

Optometric Student Association (OSA)


President: Ryan Swindell
Vice-President: Hannah Sanders
Secretary: Karlie Weise
Treasurer: Aaron Johnson
Treasurer-Elect: Payton Atchley
Social Chair: Lisa Tomasu
T-Shirt Chair: Lauren Rowland
The primary purpose of the Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry's Optometric Student Association (OSA) is to promote the profession of optometry to students and encourage high professional standards within the student body. The OSA is there for the students to help contribute to and enhance the educational experience of its members. The OSA serves as a liaison to the optometric profession at the local, state and national level. As such, the OSA works closely with the American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) to help achieve its goals.

The OSA provides student oriented activities to establish good rapport among optometry students. These events include: annual float trip, all-school meetings, scavenger hunt, and Eyeball. The OSA leadership represents the student body to the faculty and administration of the Oklahoma College of Optometry through the Dean's Council, which provides a forum for students to voice concerns and ideas to the administration.

By paying one set of dues, students at NSUOCO become members of the OSA, AOSA, Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians (OAOP), American Academy of Optometry (AAO) and American Optometric Association Political Action Committee (AOA-PAC). These dues can also be paid by using points earned through participation in NSUOCO activities.

American Optometric Student Association (AOSA)

Trustee: Bibin Cherian
Trustee-Elect: Ann Marie Sparacino
The American Optometric Student Association is the national organization of optometry students across the country and the student section of the American Optometric Association. The local chapter represents all members at the national level and keeps students informed of national issues and events in which the students can become involved. The leadership of AOSA is a trustee and trustee-elect. These officers work closely with the OSA to provide the best possible student representation both locally and nationally. By being a member of the OSA locally, students also become members of the AOSA/AOA.

AOSA is involved in raising funds to send students to the AOA/AOSA National Optometry's Meeting in June each year. AOSA also provides benefits to members such as: T-shirts, clipboards, pocket PDRs, and various other perks throughout each member's optometric education. The AOSA also coordinates events locally at NSU including PAC drives, philanthropy events, fundraisers, and other events in conjunction with the OSA.

College of Optometrists in Vision Development

School Liason:
College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) created the Tour de Optometry to educate and excite optometry students about behavioral and developmental vision and vision therapy. The Tour, as it is known in the COVD family, has been a very successful program, and the Mountain States Congress of Optometry (MSCO) has awarded COVD with grants totaling $47,500 to help us continue its success. The COVD Board of Directors and some Past Presidents visit each of the schools of optometry, and the attending Board Member works with the COVD Faculty, Resident, and Student Liaisons to coordinate the Tour visit.

National Optometric Student Organization (NOSA)

Our goal is to promote social and cultural diversity and address the visual needs of minority populations.

Beta Sigma Kappa

President: Bradley Daniel

Fellowship of Christian Optometrists

The Fellowship of Christian Optometrists is an international organization recently added to the NSUOCO campus. Meetings are held at the NSUOCO building once or twice a month, where students can share prayer requests and pursue a greater understanding of Christianity through discussion, videos and bible study.

President: Seth Laster

Ocular Nutrition Club

Practice Management Club

President: Haley Rasp
Vice President: Brianna Weber

Sports Vision Club

2016 Sports Vision Club

Sports Vision Club is an organization for students and residents with a passion for using their optometric skills to enhance an athlete's visual performance specific to their sport. This club conducted a sports vision screening for NSU athletes and look forward to more frequent events.

Brittany Wolthuizen
Hayden Nauert
Kelsey Buford

Women in Optometry (WIO)

Women in Optometry provides ideas and inspiration to assist future women ODs in obtaining their ideal success in practice and personal life. By volunteering in both the optometry community and the Tahlequah community, we aspire to raise awareness of current events while simultaneously providing a networking atmosphere for women to thrive in. President: Wamika Kumar
Vice-President: Emily McBee
Treasurer: Elizabeth McCrackin