Northeastern State University is located in a place like no other, where the Ozark Mountains, famous for their beauty, roll gently across the land, offering a panorama of natural scenery filled with pines and oaks. The blossoms of dogwood and redbud trees each spring herald the beginning of another summer in Green Country. Close by, the Illinois River runs cool and clear, feeding into Lake Tenkiller, a lake of deep crystal green with a shoreline of beautiful forests and spectacular rock bluffs. The countryside, rivers, and lakes create an ideal area for a wide variety of favorite outdoor activities including backpacking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, boating, scuba diving, water skiing and many others.

Within this natural setting is the city of Tahlequah. This historic site was founded in 1834 as the home of the Cherokee Nation and has played a significant role in Oklahoma's history. Here, you are surrounded by culture and tradition in a town that hosts the annual Red Fern festival and Big Jim's Motorcycle Rally. Labor Day brings the Cherokee National Holiday, followed by the radiant hues of changing fall foliage.

Downtown shopping is within walking distance from the campus, and major shopping malls are located less than an hour's drive away in Muskogee, Tulsa, and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Located in the midst of this city and surrounding countryside is NSU with its 200-acre campus of beautiful lawns and large shade trees. NSU, founded in 1909 on the grounds of the Cherokee National Female Seminary, is a university that offers not only a tradition of excellent teaching, but also Broadway productions, concerts and guest lecturers of international fame. Serious drama, fun-filled entertainment and lively musicals are presented at the NSU Playhouse and Jazz Lab.

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