Clinical Services Provided by Oklahoma College of Optometry

The NSUOCO faculty, staff, and students serve an important role in solving health problems for rural communities at eleven locations in northeastern Oklahoma, experiencing more than 40,000 patient encounters per year. In addition to providing eye care at the widest scope and highest quality, our clinics are often the sole source of referral for patients to other medical disciplines.  

Many systemic diseases, especially diabetes and hypertension, have significant ocular complications. Visual symptoms and signs may be the first diagnostic clue for these diseases. Very often, persons have entered the health care system for the first time, seeking eyeglasses for "blurry vision." This is especially true in rural areas where access to medical services may be poor, and many people do not receive routine health maintenance. NSUOCO and its long-standing partnership with the Cherokee Nation plays a crucial role in early detection and diagnosis for both ocular and systemic conditions in northeastern Oklahoma.


NSUOCO Clinic Entrance

Cherokee Nation Outpatient Health Clinic

NSU Broken Arrow



Map of NSUOCO Locations