Application Process


Optom CAS Application

  • Visit OptomCAS to Apply
  • Applications are open from July 1st to February 1st. It's important to apply early. NSUOCO reviews on a rolling admission basis.
  • Three letters of recommendation are required. Students are encouraged to have one letter written by a non-relative, optometrist that they have shadowed. A second letter should be submitted by a professor or academic adviser who can attest to the applicant's academic abilities. The final letter is up to the applicant but an additional letter from an optometrist is recommended. Please note that committee letters will be counted as one letter.
  • View a list of our required pre-requisite classes.
  • Supplemental Application Fee of $75
    1. Payment instructions will be sent through email once OptomCAS application is received. Files will not be reviewed for interviews until the payment of $75 is received and the file is complete/verified on OptomCAS.
    2. If an applicant has submitted their OptomCAS file and not received a payment instruction email, please contact us at
    3. No additional documents are required for the supplemental application fee.
  • Optometry Admissions Test (OAT)
    1. Register for the OAT exam.
    2. Preparing for the OAT Webinar.
    3. Scores are due by February 1st. We encourage students to complete their exam no later than Nov. 1st.
    4. OAT scores are valid for two years. If students want to re-take the exam, a 90 day wait period is required.
    5. Average OAT score of last year's class was a 310 overall score. We encourage all applicants to re-take if the score is below our average or if any sub section is below a 270.
  • Interview process
    1. If selected for an interview, applicants will be contacted by email or telephone.
    2. Interviews will be held on our main campus at 1001 N. Grand Ave. in Tahlequah, OK.
    3. We request a photo be submitted before an interview to
    4. NSUOCO's interview process includes three individual interviews, an opportunity to connect with a current student, and a campus tour.
  • Accepted Students
    1. Only 28 spots are available. Not all qualified applicants will be accepted due to limited seats. Admission is competitive.
    2. If accepted into the program, students must submit the following documents.
      1. Deposit of $1,000
      2.  Proof of required immunizations (MMR and Tetanus-current) and a PPD test-within 6 months before beginning Optometry School.
      3. Proof of strongly recommended vaccinations (Hepatitis B, COVID, and annual influenza) if completed.
      4. NSU application
      5. Official transcripts proving that all pre-requisite classes are completed with passing ( C and above) grades along with degree confirmation.

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Meet the NSUOCO Admissions Team

Sandy Patrick


Sandy Patrick
Director of Student and Alumni Affairs
1001 N Grand Ave.
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Phone: ☎ 918-444-4006
Fax: 918-458-2104

Alex Clover


Alex Clover
Optometry Program Representative
1001 N Grand Ave.
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Phone: ☎ 918-444-4036
Fax: 918-458-2104