Minimum Semester Credit Hours Minimum Quarter Credit Hours
Business calculus is not accepted. Most Calculus courses will be 4-5 credit hours.
4 6
Science/Health or Psychology Statistics are accepted.
3 4.5
General Biology or Zoology (with lab)
Course must be for science majors.
4 6
No lab required.
3 4.5
General Chemistry I&II (with lab)
Inorganic Chemistry is accepted. Courses must be for science majors.
8 12
Organic Chemistry (with lab)
Will not accept Survey of Organic Chem. or Organic Chem. for non-science majors. Course must be in 3000 level.
4 6
Organic II will not waive the Biochemistry requirement.
3 4.5
Physics I&II (with lab)
Calculus or Trig. based sequence accepted but needs to be for science majors.
8 12
General Psychology
Upper division Psychology courses also counted.
3 4.5
English I and II (grammar/composition)
Must have a progression of two English courses for academic writing. Public speaking or a theater class will not count.
6 9

Contact for specific questions about pre-req classes. Please include course descriptions in the email message.

AP credits will be accepted as long as it is listed on official college transcript and accepted by undergraduate institution.

Oklahoma residents can view the transfer guide through the Oklahoma Higher Education website.

Other areas of study which are strongly recommended include: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Public Speaking, Experimental Psychology, Computer Science (especially data and word processing), Analytic Geometry, and Basic Bookkeeping or Accounting. Students admitted to the College of Optometry who have not yet completed a bachelor's degree must meet the general education requirements of Northeastern State University. The student must complete these requirements by the end of their second year to receive a B.S. in Vision Science. The student is responsible for knowing and meeting the general education requirements in existence at the time of the student's first enrollment at Northeastern State University. Students should refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for Northeastern State University for a list of degree requirements for the bachelor of science degree. More information visit the NSU advising center website.

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